It's been a few days now since Mac miller's death, yet it still affects me.

Growing up Mac Miller was one of the first artists I listened to that exposed me to the rap genre. Recommended by a friend of mine, I decided to give a few songs a listen and diverage from my indie rock phase. I was very stubborn when it came to music, I liked what I liked and would often dismiss anything else that did not conform to my bubble. However Mac miller seemed to be different, his flow and energy was unlike anything my teenage ears had heard and it was my gateway into rap and hip-hop.

Since that day in 2011 I have owned every one of Mac's ablums, and I could speak endlessly on the importance of his music and the affect it had on me. His music tapped into thoughts and emotions that every human feels and this can be strongly be heard in his 2003 album Watching movies with the sound off’. Personally one of my favourite albums ever made and one of my most played on iTunes, I still remember looping the album for weeks while drawing and not once having to skip a track. I could write a short essay on this album alone as it touches on many important topics and feelings.

RIP Mac.