In the summer of June 2017 I set myself one of the largest projects I set out to complete. As a ametur woodworker and with no previous construction experience the thought of building my own cabin was unbelievability daunting. Driven by the vision in my head and the stream of inspiration from dreamy instagram accounts such as Cabin love and Cabin Porn, I was on a high. The only thing that stood between me and the end result was the hours of work that laid ahead.

For most people their bucket list consists of sky diving, swimming with dolphins and meeting the queen. However one of the top things on my bucket list was to build my own cabin. I never really understood why the desire was so strong but it was.


One of the main goal for this project was to use as much reclaimed material as possible. Not only for budgetting reasons but also for ethical and moral reasons. I am no stranger to picking up discarded wood from somesones front yard or on the sidewalk. There is a quote from Thomas Dambo that I can’t quite remember exactly but it goes along the lines of saying that, not re-using and reclaiming does not make any logical sense and that it would fundamentally be wrong not to. 


It took a few drawings to find the right design. Limited by materials and my own abilty I kept it realistic and didn’t think I was on an episode of Grand Designs. The final drawing stuck with the standard lean-to roof and a glass front.  Initially I drew the diagram to have a skylight window but that idea later got scrapped. Despite the removal of the skylight the build went according to plan and the final outcome reflected the inital sketches.

The Build:

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