Artist / Designer

London based artist and designer. With a passion for print, functional, editorial and thoughtful design.

First Class Honours in BA (Hons) Graphic and Media Design at the London College of Communication.




Founded in 2018 Greater Goods is a London based design project which is dedicated to sustainability and the nature of upcycling. Our aim is to encourage and promote the use of reclaimed materials and to show the importance of recycling in the current climate. Our strong focus on practical and functional design has been translated to a range of mediums from woodwork and carpentry to textiles and fashion.

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Tote Bag Project

The collection focuses on reconstructing and repurposing worn and damaged outerwear garments into fully functional tote bags that are built to withstand daily use. Each constructed from recycled garments as well as elements of military surplus in an effort to reduce man-made waste and breathe new life into forgotten materials. The bags feature unique patinas and finishes depending on how the garments were treated and used. Each bag is unique in every aspect from shape, size, colour, detailing and materials, often dictated by the materials used whether it be Gore-Tex or canvas.

︎ Hypebeast (Collection one)
︎ Hypebeast (Collection Two)
︎ Basement Approved (Interview)



Photography and Art Direction by Jaimus Tailor and Hayden West.